Dan E Mented Is The Future

His Music is Amazing

And He Has Been Gracious to Allow Me MONO The Opportunity to Help

Has Taken Him Under his wing While He Takes Him For A Mug

Yes I MONO The MOFO Am A Mug

As I'm The One Thats Typing This as punishment for Robo Loving His iPhone.......


Ok MONO Thats Enough!!!

Public Humiliation is not what I Want From You No Matter How Funny It May Be

But Guys This Is MONO The MOFO

From The Planet MOFO

Yes He's an Alien and  Has Been With us since the 60's

and has been constantly eventually ripped off  by big Famous corporations...so he says

Or He Could be a Big phoney

Either, Either

MONO is currently on work experience for The Baddest MOFO

and now He Has His Website Selling All sorts of MONO and MOFO

Merchandise as Part Of The MOFO NETWORK

Love Him as He Is Programmed to love you but also has a destroy all humans switch

which can be Irritating to turn off

But He Has Many Uses and Can Fix Things

But His Cyberlust may be and issue.....

  Any Way Have Fun

  And This Site Will Be Fully Operational by May 22nd


@danemented @thebaddestmofo @monothemofo www.facebook.com/monothemofo